At Arros QD, we believe in creating an inclusive and enriching dining experience. Our glossary page is designed to help you pronounce Spanish words with confidence and ease, making your ordering experience smooth and enjoyable. More than just a guide to pronunciation, our glossary offers a delightful introduction to the rich culture and traditions behind our dishes. By familiarising yourself with the terms and their meanings, you become part of our family, sharing in the passion and heritage that inspire our culinary creations. Explore, learn, and savour the essence of Spain with us!

Paella [pai - eh - luh]

Paella is a rice dish originally from the Valencian Community. Paella is regarded as one of the community's identifying symbols. It is one of the best-known dishes in Spanish cuisine.

Kilómetro Zero [kee - loh - meh - troh] [ze - ro]

The food has not traveled far or more literally that it has traveled “zero kilometers” before being eaten.