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The Top Restaurant in London – Incredible Valencian Cuisine at Arros QD


When browsing through some of Londons top restaurants menus, it can be hard to narrow down the list to find a unique offering. At Arros QD, we’re proud to deliver something different to London diners through our innovative take on Mediterranean cuisine. Our inviting restaurant in the heart of Fitzrovia is an oasis away from busy city life, boasting an open kitchen with a wood fire stove, conjuring feelings of warmth, memories and hedonism.


Arros QD was launched by esteemed Spanish chef Quique Dacosta, looking to provide a global experience, which is summed up by all the details of this incredible restaurant. His plans to export the cuisine of one of the most traditional dishes of Valencian culture to the world has paid off, and our sharing paellas are gaining a reputation for being the best in London.


When you enter our doors, expect to walk through a Valencian world, whether it’s the exquisite interior design, the aromas created by the fire or the sight of our melt in the mouth food. We love producing plates to share as the centrepiece of tables, doing justice to the heart and soul of Spanish cuisine.


Come and see us at Arros QD on Eastcastle Street in Fitzrovia. We have special lunch menus, as well as a dinner service, and we’re open seven days a week.


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Welcome to Our Restaurant – Arros QD


Welcome to Arros QD, where fine dining and evolutionary cooking are the cornerstones of our restaurant. We opened in June 2019, putting Valencian cuisine at the heart of our unique menus. From our cooking techniques using wood and fire to menus which have Spanish blood running through them, you can expect a culinary experience which is hard to find anywhere else in London. We love the art of sharing platters, using large dishes as a centrepiece for many of our menu options, including our sizzling paella pans. We use wood to infuse smoky flavours, but only when it’s right for the recipe, and we also have charcoal cooking options too. Every element has been put together to create mouth-watering dishes you’re going to adore.


Indulge in a Spanish Tradition with a Modern Twist – Paella


If you’re wondering what makes us the best restaurants paella London has seen, you need to first understand the tradition of paella in Spanish cuisine. Valencia is undoubtedly the home of paella, with the rice dish originating here hundreds of years ago. What started as a simple pan of rice and meat for farmers has now evolved into one of the world’s most famous dishes. As Valencia is a coastal city, the induction of seafood into the dish was inevitable, solidifying its place in the culinary hall of fame.


Paella recipes have always been steeped in history, but they’re never shy of adapting to new and innovative ingredients. The evolution of paella is one which continues to this day, and throughout our menus, you’ll see both traditional and contemporary offerings. We want our food to evoke feelings of both tradition and new, creating memories while evoking a sense of discovery.


The magic of Arros QD and our famous paellas is down to the years of hard work put in by chef Quique Dacosta. His passion for rice cooking is evident to see throughout our recipes, from the rice and stock, which produce incredible flavours, to the wood fire cooking techniques for diners to witness. We want you to come back time after time, whether you’ve fallen in love with sharing paellas and want others to experience the same, or you wish to delve into other parts of our menus, such as our steaks, fish and delicious desserts.


We’ve ensured our guests have the most unforgettable experience by creating a Valencian treasure trove away from the busy streets of London. Visit our restaurant on Eastcastle Street for the best paella London.


The Secrets of the Best Paella Dishes


The magic of our paella isn’t achieved by just throwing together some rice with vegetables, meat or seafood. It’s about carefully nurturing the process until it’s a pan full of rice cooking perfection.


The intense yet delicate flavours of Arros QD’s paellas is achieved via the fresh ingredients used, expert combinations and the wood fires. The distribution of the heat is key, but also the wood that’s chosen. Different woods create different, unique flavours, achieving subtle variances between each dish. We only use this method of cooking dishes for those which will benefit from the wood and fire; our expert chefs preparing each one with skill and passion.


One of the greatest parts about any paella rice is the socarrat. This crispy layer is found at the base of the rice, scraped from the pan to add even more richness to your plate. Many people make the mistake of leaving this part, but for anyone who understands paella, it’s essential you take advantage of every bit available in the pan.


For those who can’t get enough, we even provide individual socarrat on our menu to enjoy.


Dining at Top Restaurants


Whether you’re scouring menus for the best for lunch in Fitzrovia, or you’re looking for something unique to try with friends, there are several elements to look out for when it comes to identifying top restaurants in London. We’ve ensured we’ve put our customers at the heart of the dining experience we’ve created, giving you plenty of choice in our welcoming establishment. Here are some of the qualities which a good restaurant won’t miss.

Inspiring Menus Which Ignite the Soul


While there are many elements which come together in best restaurants London, the food is going to be one of the reasons diners return time after time. With that, the top restaurants are going to offer something different, having a story which is apparent throughout their recipes. At Arros QD, the heart and soul of our cooking comes through strongly, having authentic Valencian roots which are evident in every part of our cuisine.


We aimed to bring this style of Mediterranean cuisine to one of the best cities in the world, creating a culinary experience you won’t find easily elsewhere. We impress diners who have never tried Spanish delights before, as well as those who are well-acquainted with the cuisine already. Our menus are infused with traditional flavours, while they excite with fresh ideas from the mind of Quique Dacosta. We want to ignite your soul when you enter our establishment and taste our delicious food, helping you to make new discoveries while often evoking memories of the past.


Fresh, Seasonal Recipes


The key to achieving the perfect blend of old and new is to continually evolve and push boundaries. As well as our staple dishes, we also want to deliver the highest quality food to you by ensuring we offer seasonal produce. Our talented chefs and managers source in-season ingredients, often locally to provide consistency whatever time of year you visit us. Sometimes you can have a particular dish at one restaurant, and you can’t put your finger on why it tasted so much better than it did at another. We ensure ‘quality’ is something you relate to the Arros QD name when trying our food, passing the recommendation onto others looking for London’s top restaurant.


Enjoy a Dramatic Setting


The setting in which you eat food can definitely have an impact on enjoyment. That’s why we brought talented designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán on board with us to ensure you’re wowed the moment you step foot through our Arros QD doors. We’ve created the perfect environment for the evolution of paella dining to take place, whether you want to be part of the excitement in a theatrical seating around the open kitchen or unwind on our upper floor in a more traditional dining experience.


As cooking over fire is part of the soul of Arros QD, you can see its influence throughout our interiors. This includes the vibrant, warm shades used for the décor and furnishings to our modern wooden tables and stunning light fixtures. It’s the ideal setting to unwind in the company of friends while also feeling part of something innovative and contemporary. Our guests love our glazed wine cellar backdrop and modern restaurant feel.


A Talented Team at the Heart of the Establishment


Top restaurants are successful thanks to the range of talented team members who each play a role in creating something special. That’s what we’ve achieved here at Arros QD, from our knowledgeable, helpful servers who play host for each table to our exceptional kitchen team who create the delicious dishes you’re going to love. While Quique Dacosta is making waves in Spain, he’s built a UK team who are more than capable of creating an amazing experience for Arros QD diners.


Our London restaurant team includes Aurelien Pottier, who puts his high-level experience to excellent use, having a long family history in the restaurant business. He’s spent 20 years working on hugely successful projects around the world, including across European shores, America and the Middle East. We’re also lucky enough to have the talented Richard De La Cruz join us, having worked alongside Quique when the famous Denia restaurant won its third Michelin star. Our expert wine team has involved the work of Jose Balado, who has prestigious qualifications, including a Certified title in the Court of Master Sommeliers.


We hope that you love the experience you have at Arros QD and enjoy all the above elements.


Best Reasons to Visit Arros QD


We love meeting people from all walks of life, uniting them at our restaurant for a wide variety of reasons. Whether you’re popping in for a tasty bite to eat or planning a big celebration, we want to make your experience the best it can be. Here are just a few of the types of dining we cater for.


Group Dining Experiences


Have you ever tried to plan a meal for a group and felt it was more difficult than it should have been? At Arros QD, we want to satisfy every member of your group, as well as making the process go smoothly from start to finish. Whatever your dietary requirements in your group, let us know, and we can point you towards great options on our menus. We also have select group dining menus so that you can plan your meal with ease. We have many different groups dine with us every day, whether it’s a special occasion, family meal, a catch up with friends or a celebratory meal. We also have seasonal menus for events such as New Year’s Eve.


Corporate Dining


We want to provide a different corporate dining experience, whether you’re treating your team for their hard work on a project, catching up with colleagues, having a meeting over lunch or wining and dining clients. From our impressive high-end décor to our quality food, it’s the perfect setting for your business lunch or dinner. The sharing nature of many of our dishes such as our paellas are also ideal if you want to help break the ice around the table or while away a few hours in the company of others. Our wine and drinks menus will also impress, having a global influence and put together by our wine experts.


Arros QD Tasting Menus


Tasting menus are often said to be the ideal way to walk through the mind and skills of a chef, giving you many smaller dishes which reflect the style, flavours and ingredients you can expect from an establishment’s menus. We didn’t want to disappoint tasting menu fans, so have put together an astonishing mix of dishes and smaller bites, offering everything from truffle bombs and crispy beef tartare to a trilogy of skewers and our traditional Paella Valenciana. We’ve even found room to include two of our dessert samples – our pineapple, coconut ice cream and rum syrup, as well as our giant cookie, macadamia nuts, araguani chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Book our tasting menu at either lunch or dinner service.


Exciting & Intimate Dining Experiences


We want our diners to feel they have a choice about the type of experience they want to create when dining with us. Many people love sitting in our lower floor area thanks to the open kitchen, as this is where there’s a real excitement generated about the cooking styles on offer. However, we’ve mentioned our upper floor provides a more traditional dining setup, so if you want something away from the open kitchen, this is the ideal solution. We have diners who visit solo and sit at our bar, couples enjoying romantic dinners for two, group dining and friends who choose to have a really fun night out here.


The Ideal Location for a Theatre Trip


Our location means we’re in the perfect spot if you’re looking for best restaurants Fitzrovia or best restaurants Soho based dining establishments. You’ll find us on Eastcastle Street, which is close to lots of points of interest, including Soho Square Gardens, Oxford Street, Goodge Street, Tottenham Court Road, Marylebone, Leicester Square, Covent Garden and more. As you can tell, we’re in the heart of a fantastic area which means we’re ideally placed if you’re looking for pre or post-theatre dining. Pop in for a spot of lunch or make a dinner reservation after you’ve had a few hours of fun seeing a show. Don’t forget to take a look at our cocktail menus which are innovative and exciting, as well as delicious!


Dietary Requirements


Don’t let the fact we’re experts in wood-fired meats and seafood give you the impression we don’t have lots of different options for the various dietary requirements of your group. As your eyes glance across our menus, you’ll notice we have a lot of gluten-free options, as well as vegan and vegetarian dining delights. This includes both traditional and contemporary vegetable paella which uses seasonal produce to ensure it’s just as delicious as our meat or seafood rice. Everything from our extensive range of side dishes, small plates and mains to our mouth-watering desserts have options for you. Just ask our team if there’s anything you’re not sure about.


Get in Touch with the Arros QD Team


We welcome you to come and dine Arros QD, and you can make a reservation online for ease. However, we also know that you may want to enquire further about how we can cater to your group or fulfil special requirements. Whatever your concerns or needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


To contact us, you have several options available to you. To speak to a team member now, call us on +44 (0)20 3883 3525. Alternatively, send a message to, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. For all press and PR enquiries, please contact









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