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London’s Best Restaurant in Fitzrovia – Welcome to Arros QD


Are you ready to visit one of the best restaurants Fitzrovia has to offer? Quique Dacosta has been wowing Spanish diners for years, now bringing his innovative style to the UK. In the heart of London, Arros QD delivers a wide range of delights, from sizzling paellas to wood-fired dishes.


As you enter our restaurant, prepare to be transported to a world of Valencian heritage, combined with contemporary ideas. From our stunning décor to our ground floor open kitchen, the atmosphere draws you in from the second you arrive. We believe in uniting people around a table through a love of food, so our paellas are ideal for sharing.


Our incredible menus have something for everyone, including vegetarian options, seafood and steaks, as well as new and traditional rice dishes. We’ve put a modern twist on authentic Spanish food to give London diners something they won’t find elsewhere. Enjoy wholesome food which ignites all the senses, enhanced by our stunning surroundings.


We’re open seven days a week. To dine with us in the heart of Fitzrovia, book a table at Arros QD now.



Visit Arros QD in Fitzrovia – A Journey Through Valencian Gastronomy


We’re delighted to welcome guests from all over the world to our Valencian inspired restaurant in Fitzrovia, providing one of the best restaurants paella London options. We launched in June 2019, led by Quique Dacosta, whose unique vision has come to life in the heart of London. His passion for rice cooking is evident to see through our varied, seasonal menus, providing diners with an array of tempting options.


A beautiful establishment, our restaurant is split across two floors, giving diners more options when they come and dine with us. We hope that you can feel the Spanish heritage running through everything from our menus to our décor and seating, bringing warmth, heart and vitality to the dining experience. As a forward-thinking chef who is known for innovation, Quique Dacosta has worked hard to ensure there’s a modern twist throughout the recipes on offer. This has helped encourage new audiences to join us, as well as inspire those who are already well acquainted with Mediterranean cuisine.


Food for the Soul – Sharing Dishes


With its roots firmly embedded in Valencian history, it’s a proud moment for us to become part of the paella evolution. Through the centuries, this incredible dish has become a huge part of Spanish culture, but people all over the world have fallen for its charms. One of the most enticing elements of the dish is that it brings people together, all creating a delicious plate from rice cooked in the same pan. It’s a pleasure for Arros QD to see people uniting over a love of food, with our paella dishes chosen as the centrepiece for many of our tables. We also have a wide range of other Mediterranean dishes featured on our menus, many of them wood fired to create divine flavours you won’t find elsewhere.


Our delicate flavours are achieved not just by the ingredients used and the recipes created but the actual fire itself. We consider this our secret added ingredient. The way the heat distributes through the pan…the intense flavours…the aromas it creates…it’s not something you can achieve on an ordinary stove. The wood used within the fire can also alter the taste of the dish, whether you’re using vines, applewood or beechwood. The unique smoky flavours are something we wouldn’t want to overpower the food, so our expertly trained chefs understand how to use the fire to cook the dishes to perfection.


Creating the Perfect Paella


We often get asked the secrets to achieve the best paella London has to offer, but it’s not down to one factor. Not only does the fire and wood play a role in the depth of flavour created, but it’s down to everything from the ingredients added to the different textures of the rice. For example, as well as tender, fluffy rice, the favourite part of paella for many diners is the crispy base, scraped from the bottom of the pan. This is the tastiest part, called the socarrat. You can even order it as an individual dish on our menu.


There’s no limit to the varieties of paella out there, which is why we hope to strike a balance between authentic, traditional offerings and fresh, exciting ideas. Achieving the best restaurants London dishes comes via delivering something different, without losing the heart and soul of the heritage the food stems from.


Our traditional rice dishes include a variety of additions, from rabbit, chicken, vegetables and monkfish to Canadian lobster, Iberian presa and black ink rice. On the contemporary side, we’ve created rice dishes from seasonal ingredients, including oysters, smoke ‘dashi’ eel, wood pigeon breast, calamari and other tasty gems. It’s up to you whether you choose a meat, seafood or vegetable option.


Black squid ink rice is also a highly popular choice on our menus, but some feel hesitant before they understand what it is. This ingredient is regularly used in Mediterranean cuisine, forming a distinct blue-blue colour in the rice. It’s an ink produced by squid, high in unique compounds and with a rich, savoury flavour.


A Dramatic Setting in the Heart of London


A good dining experience isn’t just about the food you eat, but the environment in which you spend time in. We consider our dining spaces to be a massive part of what makes us one of the top restaurants in London, as a lot of careful consideration has gone into creating a Valencian world away from Spain.


The fire which defines Arros QD’s style is evident throughout our interiors, from the golden hues and ashy shades to the striking blacks and vibrant oranges. Emphasising our passion for wood fired cooking, we also have wooden design themes, including our tables, to represent our culinary style. Of course, as well as the traditional elements, we have a modern twist to our décor too, from our contemporary glass hobs to our wine cellar displays. We hope that you feel welcome in our stunning setting, escaping to our paradise to while away a few hours. It’s a true Mediterranean oasis away from busy city life.


The interior design would not be possible without one of Spain’s finest – designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán. Thanks to his innovative ideas, bold style and limitless talent, he’s heavily in demand, which is why it’s such an honour to have his vision come to life in our restaurant. Lázaro has worked across the world, including Beijing and Mexico City, now bringing his immense skills to our stunning dining spaces at Arros QD. We consider him an integral part of the team, his influence evident throughout our dramatic setting.


A Stunning Location in Fitzrovia


Fitzrovia is a hive of city life, from the retail outlets and delicious eateries to businesses, offices and homes. We’re located on Eastcastle Street, which can be reached within minutes from main underground stations such as Oxford Circus. London is a place which reflects the values we hold at Arros QD, from its multicultural influences to the mix of both tradition and innovation. Where better to bring Valencian cuisine than the capital of the UK?


While city life is never dull, we wanted to create an escape from busy lives, where diners can take time away to catch up, relax and unwind while sharing delicious dishes. We’re in the ideal place for whatever other activities you have planned, whether it’s a spot of Oxford Street shopping, an afternoon at the theatre, catching up with friends and colleagues or heading home. We cater for all different groups, from couples looking for an intimate meal to larger groups who want to dine somewhere with a buzzy atmosphere. We’re also in the ideal setting for those looking for best restaurants Soho.


Try Our Range of Menus


We don’t want diners to feel boxed in with our menu options, so we’ve produced a wide selection of options to help you have the best experience possible. We’re open Monday to Sunday for both lunch and dinner. Here’s a taste of the different menus offered by our talented team.


Lunch Menus


If you want the best for lunch in Fitzrovia, try our great value lunch menu. We’ve put together this special menu for those who want to order set dishes between noon and 2pm. It’s available for parties as small as two people, and the price is the same per person. We’ve include Entradas (sharing plates), which include seasonal offerings such as our famous chicken skewer, kale citrus salad and stone bass ceviche. We then have a selection of mains for each person to choose or a traditional Paella Valenciana to share.


Tasting Menu


For anyone who isn’t familiar with the concept behind a tasting menu, it’s a collection of dishes in smaller portions, to allow you to eat more of them and get a ‘taste’ of the cuisine offered by an establishment. Many say it’s like walking through the mind of the chef behind the restaurant, showcasing their ideas and passion. It’s also the chance to sample some of the kitchen’s more unique ingredients, as well as the various cooking methods available to create different flavours. At Arros QD, our tasting menu gives diners an unforgettable culinary experience. From our truffle bombs to our rice dishes, you’ll be taken on a journey through Valencia.


A La Carte Menu


Our main menu is the shining jewel of our restaurant, which hundreds of diners opt for every single day. Put together your perfect meal, starting with our smaller plates, skewers or socarrat, moving onto the main event. As well as our traditional and contemporary paellas, we also offer wood-fired and charcoal cooked dishes. Find an array of meat, steaks, seafood, lobster, fish and other seasonal gems. We continually update our menus to reflect in-season ingredients and offer you the highest quality food. You can complete your plates with our medley of side dishes, including roast potatoes, grilled cauliflower, grilled baby gem, seasonal wild mushrooms and seasonal vegetables. Our aiolis are beloved for adding a different finish to our dishes, so choose from a variety of flavours, such as traditional, black garlic, noras pepper, porcini and coriander.




Don’t forget to leave room for dessert, because our plethora of treats is sure to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth or a love of zest. We’ve infused an array of flavours through our dessert menus, including mango, forest fruits, almond, lychees, melon, pistachio, chocolate and even our rice – with our caramelised rice pudding. However, one of our most popular desserts is our giant cookie and ice cream dish, delighting anyone who loves the mouth-watering combination of biscuit, nuts, chocolate and vanilla.


Wine & Cocktails


Our wine expert, Jose Balado, has helped to create an extensive wine list which offers the perfect tipples to accompany your meal. The idea behind the list was to ensure our Spanish heritage was heavily included while adding in delicious wines from some of the Med’s most famous regions. We have wine from all over the globe, including Greece, Portugal, France and Chile. We’ve tried to include offerings from some of the best winemakers from these regions while introducing new ones to our diners. Take your pick from sparkling, sweet, red, white and rosé wines. The Arros QD Sommelier team have carefully put together options which will enhance the taste and flavour of our dishes.

Londons top restaurants deliver the best of the best when it comes to mixology delights. At Arros QD, we want you to have inspirational cocktails at your fingertips, from those which create memories to drinks of discovery. We’ve not been afraid to push to boundaries with our drinks menus, creating excitement before you’ve even read our food menus.


Groups & Events


As well as a passion for sharing platters, we love entertaining groups, so have special menus if you would like to book your event with us. This includes group lunch and dinner menus. We’re happy to assist anyone from those organising a corporate lunch to a birthday celebration or Christmas meal. Ask our team for more details and take a look at our group dining menus online. We also offer dedicated menus for those pivotal dates throughout the year, including New Year’s Eve dining.


Why Choose Arros QD?


We welcome regular customers, as well as new visitors every day, which is why working at Arros QD is so special. We aim to make this a place you’ll want to return to time after time, so it’s important to us that you have an exceptional time. Here are just a few of the reasons why we think our beautiful restaurant is a cut above the rest.


Find Something Unique


It can often be disheartening when you look around the restaurant scene and see the same tired menus offered by establishments in the same genre. At Arros QD, we hope that our unique take on Spanish favourites will inspire you to try something a little different. We’re not afraid to be bold and push the boundaries of top cuisine, creating excitement in every part of the Arros QD experience, from our dishes and wood fires to our friendly, knowledgeable team.


High-Quality Menus


We want to exceed your expectations when you tuck into our dishes. That’s why we’re always adapting our menus to include seasonal ingredients and deliver high standards every time you dine with us. We hope that you can feel the passion we have for rice cooking when you sample our food, appreciating the delicate touches which make our dishes so unique. It can be difficult to find authenticity in such a crowded market, but our Valencian roots ensure we deliver an experience like no other.


Our Talented Team


We’ve created a truly talented team, from those who work behind the scenes to the staff you’ll meet when visiting our restaurant. We all understand the passion behind our brand and what we stand for, working towards the same aim. As well as having a Valencian team in Quique Dacosta and Lázaro Rosa-Violán, we also have an array of experts in the UK, including our experienced management and wine specialists. Our front of house team will guide you through the Arros QD experience, ensuring its enjoyable and answering any burning questions you have about our menus.


Make an Enquiry with Arros QD Now


We understand that every booking is different, whether it’s the number of people we need to cater for, dietary requirements or ways in which we can ensure your time at Arros QD is unforgettable for all the right reasons. Let us know if there’s anything we can do for you to make things smoother or if you have any special requests. We also have a PR agency for all press enquiries, so contact if this is relevant to you.


To speak to one of the Arros QD team, choose one of the following options. Call us on +44 (0)20 3883 3525 to chat to our team or send an email to, and we’ll get back to you shortly.



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