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If you’re searching for the best for lunch in Fitzrovia, look no further than Arros QD. Our Valencian delights are enticing diners to visit from all over the nation, with our famous paellas, Mediterranean dishes and wood fired stoves creating an unforgettable culinary experience. Our beautiful restaurant encompasses the heart and soul of Spanish cuisine to transport diners to a place where sharing, hedonism and happiness are in abundance.

Arros QD has been brought to UK shores by Quique Dacosta, renowned in Spain for his Michelin-starred cuisine. He’s put a modernist twist on traditional recipes, offering something unique to London diners. From our tasting menu to our extensive wine lists, every element has been carefully put together to take you on a journey through culinary heaven. Order large sharing dishes for a truly memorable experience.

We’re open seven days a week for both lunch and dinner, so whether you’re looking for pre-theatre dining, a corporate lunch or somewhere delicious to dine, make a reservation at our establishment today. We’re located in the heart of Fitzrovia, in easy walking distance of Oxford Circus.

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Welcome to Arros QD


Welcome to Arros QD, the home of fine dining and the evolution of paella. In June 2019, Quique Dacosta launched the restaurant at our Fitzrovia site, split over two floors to create a range of dining experiences for our customers. We didn’t just want to bring Valencian recipes to London, but Spanish traditions and cooking techniques too. Valencian gastronomy is often about bringing warmth and theatricality to the cooking process, so we hope to achieve this through our seasonal rice dishes.


The art of sharing food, where the centrepiece is the dish, is an incredible way to unite people around a table, whether its friends, family, loved ones, colleagues or even strangers. Paella has risen in popularity over the years and continually evolved, and you’ll find it’s a staple dish in Spain. We love being able to bring this part of our heritage and culture to London, ensuring we’re one of the most unique, best restaurants Fitzrovia provides.


Our Secret – Smoky Wood Fired Cooking


Our secret ingredient is the fire itself. It’s not just about the heat it provides to cook the food. It acts as an extra ingredient to the recipes, giving a depth of flavour and aromas like no other technique can. Our chefs are true magicians, using the fire to yield delicious, mouth-watering food you won’t find from using a standard oven or stove.


As we cook, the smoke and fire pour up from the wood stove, imparting their flavour through the rice, which is cooking in the stock. Meat, seafood and vegetables are stirred into the tender rice to achieve the best dish possible. The type of wood used can create different flavours in the dish, including applewood and beechwood. The unique smoky flavours add something different to the rice with the fire and heat distributed to perfection through the pan.


We want our flavours to be delicate, so we’re very precise about which dishes are cooked over the wood so that the taste isn’t overpowering. We use the finest produce, sourced locally wherever possible.


Perfecting Our Rice


Why are we one of the best restaurants paella London? The secret to the perfect paella is to achieve a tender grain while leaving a crispy layer at the base of the pan. This is called the socarrat and can only be achieved by understanding the best methods for cooking the rice. As the flames work their magic, the rice forms an edible caramelised base which is scraped from the pan on your plate. Those who don’t understand this type of cuisine could mistake this layer as burnt, but it’s one of the hidden gems which surprises so many paella lovers. It’s where the richest flavours lie. On our delicious menus, you can even order socarrat as an individual dish, offering the best paella London dishes.


A Transformative Restaurant Setting


Creating a home away from home was an essential part of the process for Quique Dacosta, using the fire as inspiration for the restaurant’s décor. Our interiors were designed by the talented Lázaro Rosa-Violán, putting his bold stamp across our beautiful setting. The fire is the core of Arros QD, so it has inspired many of the design choices. The presence of flames combined with the carefully thought out interiors bring warmth to our restaurant, from the blacks, golds, oranges and ash shades to the natural woods used for the tables.


Our setting is both vibrant and comforting, with blends of traditional and contemporary throughout, just like our recipes. This includes our stunning wine cellar displays, backdrops and glass hobs. The dramatic look creates a buzz while also putting customers at ease, as they while away the hours in a place of escapism.


Our restaurant is based over two floors to give diners flexibility to have the experience they want. Downstairs, everything revolves around our 6-metre woodfire stove as the Arros QD chefs weave their magic with the flames. On our upper floor, you’ll get a more classical dining area away from our open kitchen space.


Our Lunch Menus


Finding London restaurant lunch menus which offer delicious food at reasonable prices is a must for many visitors to the city. We have a special lunch menu which our diners love, available from midday to 2pm, Monday to Friday. It’s for a minimum of two guests and provides you with a range of options at great prices. You can find Entradas – plates to share, which may include delights such as our skewers and tasty salads. There’s a selection of impeccable lunch mains to devour too, including our Paella Valenciana for two, as well as meat, seafood and vegetable dishes.


Black ink rice is something you’ll see as an option throughout all of our menus, but what is it? Produced by squid, this deep and intense colouring also provides a rich and savoury element to the rice, which is why it has become an important part in the evolution of paella.


Join us for lunch, seven days a week.


Other Dining Options & Menus


We don’t just have customers join us for lunch. We have a highly popular dinner service too from Monday to Sunday, giving you more flexibility about when you dine with us. Here are some of the menus we provide.


Tasting Menu


Our tasting menu is precisely that – a brilliant way to ‘taste’ many smaller food bites which reflect our culinary style. It’s an incredible way for a chef to take you through the journey of their ideas, building a unique identity for their passion and the way they view the culinary experience. From the order in which these tasting dishes are eaten to the flavours and presentations chosen, you’ll get a real insight into the heart and soul of an establishment. At Arros QD, our tasting menu can be sampled at both lunch and dinner. There are many highlights included, from truffle bombs and hand-dived scallops to crispy beef tartare, skewers, our traditional paella and desserts.


A La Carte Menu


Our a la carte menu is the crown jewel of our food, giving you endless choices when it comes to choosing the right meal for you. We have small dishes, skewers, socarrat and starters to get the taste buds going, before moving onto the main event. While our paellas are considered our masterpiece, don’t miss out on our other food offerings too. This includes seasonal wood-fired dishes, such as lobster, whole brill and tomahawk steaks. We also have charcoal cooked meat and fish, including our famous Lincolnshire rack of pork, glazed with purple shiso and tomato crust. Of course, no plate would be complete without a choice of enticing sides, as well as our various aioli flavours (traditional, black garlic, noras pepper, coriander or porcini.


Dessert Menu


If you’ve left room for dessert, you’re in for a treat. Our dessert menu is also inspired by Mediterranean roots, providing options for every taste. Each dish isn’t a standard affair. The delicate touches which are embedded throughout our recipes have also reached our carefully created desserts. For example, our cheesecake comes with a forest fruit syrup, biscuit ice cream and almond paper. Or for a refreshing twist, why not choose our mango, lychees, meringue and cantaloupe melon, all accompanied by mango ice cream. If your love of rice extends to your sweet tooth too, we even have a caramelised rice pudding on offer. However, one of our most requested desserts comes in the form of a giant cookie, bringing together macadamia nuts, araguani chocolate and vanilla ice cream.


Wine Menu


While we’re proud of our Valencian roots, the heart of Arros QD unites cultures, putting a Spanish twist on local British ingredients. When it comes to our wines, we include offerings from around the world, including Spain, Chile, Hungary, France, Greece and Portugal. We wanted our wine list to pay tribute to those regions bathed by the Mediterranean sea, from Gibraltar to the Middle East. We’ve tried to include both iconic regions and winemakers, as well as providing representation from some of the most historic places on our list. You’ll find sparkling, Jerez, rosé, white, red and sweet wine. Jose Balado, his qualifications in wine studies and the Arros QD Sommelier team have been the inspiration behind our comprehensive, impressive wine menu.


Cocktail Menu


The best restaurants London wouldn’t be complete without a cocktail menu, especially if you’re heading out for a night on the tiles or to the theatre. Arros QD believes in combining tradition and fresh ideas throughout every part of our menus, and our cocktail lists are no exception. We have cocktails for discovery, putting our own twist on mixology delights, as well as those which evoke memories of the past. We also have a selection of fruity cocktails, from our Greek Coco to our Thyme for Lemon drinks.


Group Dining Menu & Special Events


Sharing is a huge part of our ethos, so inviting larger groups to come and dine at our restaurant is something we welcome. That’s why we’ve put together both lunch and dinner group dining menus for you to choose from. This is a great way to organise anything from a celebratory meal to a corporate dinner, ensuring the dining experience goes smoothly from start to finish. We also have menus for special events and key dates coming up in the diary, such as New Year’s Eve, helping you to create new memories.


Why Dine In Fitzrovia?


If you’re looking for best restaurants Soho or other locations close to Fitzrovia, we’re in the perfect spot. Nestled in among establishments appealing to foodies everywhere, our Eastcastle Street location is easy to reach. We’re just a few minutes by foot from both Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Circus tube stations, so whether you’re planning a shopping spree, a theatre trip or need somewhere easy to get to, we’re perfectly placed.


Finding the perfect setting for Arros QD was something which Quique Dacosta put a look of careful thought into, ensuring it would only enhance the experience of our diners. We understand every group, couple or individual entering our establishment is here for a different reason, whether it’s a night out with friends, a couple sharing a romantic meal, colleagues catching up or those who love Spanish cuisine, coming to Arros QD to sample our creations. That’s why we wanted to be in a prime location to welcome visitors from every walk of life, sharing our passion for food and making you feel at home.


Why Visit Arros QD?


After visiting Arros QD, we hope you’ll consider us one of the top restaurants in London, having experienced something unique. Whether you’re a regular guest or somebody entering our doors for the first time, we want you to feel at home, excited, happy and more, as you feed your soul with our Mediterranean goodness. Here are just a few of the factors which have sealed our place as one of Londons top restaurants.


The Arros QD Team

As with every part of the Arros QD experience, we’ve worked hard to get the team right. As Quique Dacosta is based in Spain, we have an incredible UK team leading the way. Everyone from our wine experts and management to our chefs and waiters is passionate about what we do and how we want diners to feel when they’re visiting our establishment. Therefore, you can expect to receive a friendly greeting, meet knowledgeable servers and have a consistent experience from start to finish every time you visit us.


Incomparable Menus


We don’t want to offer the same thing everyone else does. The vision put together Quique Dacosta is something truly unique, blending old and new for an experience which gives you both a sense of the cultural heritage behind the dishes while producing something fresh and exciting. This is something only the best London restaurants offer.


High-Quality Food

The high standards you’ll experience when sampling our dishes isn’t achieved by accident. We use high quality, in-season ingredients to ensure our recipes are packed full of flavour. We source many of the ingredients locally if possible, waving our Mediterranean wand to transport you overseas. We continually review our menus and the ingredients used throughout the year to ensure we stay in control over the quality of our food.


An Inviting Setting


From the moment diners step into our restaurant, we want them to feel in awe of the sights before them. We’ve created many visual elements to help ignite the senses, including our fittings, seating, décor and our two storey setup. Thanks to our open kitchen, it’s not just amazing sights on offer, but you’ll feel the heat and smell the aromas coming from the flames, giving you a buzz before you’ve even reached your table.


Catering for All


We know guests may be joining us for lunch for a variety of different reasons. We’ll do everything we can to cater to your needs, including those looking for an intimate meal, larger groups and those who want to be in the centre of the action. If you’re interested in organising an event and need somewhere to dine, we’re happy to help.


Get in Touch with Arros QD Now


We cater for everyone, so if you have an enquiry you’d like to make or have a special request, our team are on hand to assist. This includes group dining options, private celebrations and corporate functions.


To get in touch, there are a variety of options at your disposal. Call us on +44 (0)20 3883 3525 or send a message to, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. For all press and PR enquiries, contact





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