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Dine with Us at One of London’s Top Restaurants – Arros QD


If you’re searching for top restaurants in London, Quique Dacosta’s Fitzrovia establishment is sure to impress. Take a walk through Spanish culture by sampling his menus, inspired by Valencian roots. With a masterful, contemporary twist on traditional recipes, you’ll be taken on a journey of culinary discovery while never veering far from the history of the dishes.


Arros QD offers a Mediterranean menu like no other you’ve tried, from our delicious seafood to incredible paellas which are perfect to share. We unite people at our restaurant through a love of food, sharing and being in each other’s company, and we hope you’ll love spending time in our exciting, beautiful setting.


The Valencian influence is evident from the moment you step foot through our doors, from our dramatic décor and furnishings to the delicious aromas in the air. Our open kitchen on the ground floor excites any diner who experiences it, and we also offer guests a classic dining experience on the upper level of the restaurant.


Join us for lunch or dinner, and don’t forget to check out our tasting menu to take you on a journey of Valencian delights through smaller dishes. We offer both traditional and new paella recipes, as well as crispy socarrat rice which you can order as an individual dish. Let us know if you have any dietary requirements.


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Welcome to Arros QD – One of London’s Best Restaurants


Our innovative menus and extravagant setting should come as no surprise to anyone who’s heard of Quique Dacosta. A huge name across the Spanish restaurant scene, he’s earnt multiple Michelin stars in his incredible career. It’s a huge honour for us that he’s opened a new restaurant in London, with a focus on creating the best rice dishes and paella in the UK. He’s spent years perfecting his craft in Spain, learning about rice cooking and the different ways to bring out the best flavours in the dishes.


Quique’s philosophy is to export the cuisine of some of his culture’s most traditional dishes to the rest of the world, delivering a global experience. He’s now brought the real taste of the Mediterranean to London, creating a modernist movement which captures the essence of Spanish flavours. We also showcase some of the best of British produce, sourcing locally where possible.


A Dramatic Setting for an Incredible Lunch or Dinner


The fire is at the heart of Arros QD, whether it’s through the way our food is cooked, the vision of our open kitchen as you dine before talented chefs working their magic or the décor. Renowned interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán has created a bold world away from busy London life, allowing our guests to unwind in a setting which is as stunning as it is comfortable.


We wanted the fire to influence the design of our restaurant, which is why you’ll see burnt orange tones, striking blacks and golden touches throughout our grand surroundings. Everything from our stunning light fittings to our wine cellar backdrop has been carefully thought out to reflect our culinary style.


All of our staff are immaculately dressed, greeting you warmly before taking you to your table. Our downstairs is an open kitchen featuring our 6-metre long wood fire stove and chef’s counter, where our skilled team work hard preparing your dishes. Upstairs, you’ll find a more traditional restaurant environment away from the kitchen.


The Origins of Paella


Beloved all over the world, the origins of paella are based firmly in Valencia, dating back centuries. To enjoy paella is to taste a part of Spanish heritage, and the dish has evolved over the years in many different variations. It’s always been about cooking rice and spices in a large pan with meat, seafood or vegetables, with the open flame creating the best flavours possible in the dish.


While paella is a staple dish on Mediterranean shores, it’s presence is often missing in the best restaurants London has, which is something we want to change. This dish isn’t just something you’ll find on street food stands – it’s a sharing experience around a table which unites so many people, evoking feelings of joy.


We’ve extracted the origins of paella and combined them with the evolution of the dish, taking the traditions and putting a fresh twist on the menu. We want you to feel transported to the Spanish coast, wrapped in the warmth of Mediterranean influences, while discovering something new at the same time.

How We Created the Best Paella in London


Creating the ultimate paella comes down to many different factors which unite to create extraordinary flavours and textures. We believe the fire is the secret ingredient to why our paella is some of the best you’ll ever taste. We want it to become a staple part of the fine dining experience, and we’re more than happy to lead the way to ensure paella is given the treatment it deserves. Everything from the vegetables to the stock is prepared from scratch.


We’ve created both traditional and contemporary rice dishes, which you’ll see under the relevant categories on our menus. It was important for Quique to create something which reflected the tradition of paella while pushing the boundaries of modern recipes. One of our most popular newer offerings includes our black squid ink rice, combined with calamari, artichokes and dill, finished with oyster aioli. Our recipes have been designed to ignite all your senses and feed the soul.


We use wood in our stove to create scents and flavours which infuse everything from the rice to the stock. The different woods used can create a new taste, so we’ve carefully selected which are chosen for each dish. The smoky aromas created get locked into the flavour of the dish, creating mouth-watering paellas every time. It’s our affection towards rice cooking which you can detect in every bite, making us stand out from the crowd and ensure we’re a top London restaurant.


We only include ingredients which have justified their place in the pan – never added for the sake of it or to impress based on sight alone. We know how to uncover the perfect blend of delicate flavours, while implementing skilful cooking techniques to ensure consistency in our food every time. We have a wide collection of paellas for you to try, including vegetable, seafood and meat-based rice dishes.

Socarrat Rice – The Crispy Base You Don’t Want to Miss


Socarrat rice is one of the parts of a paella dish we encourage everyone to try. Often mistaken for burnt rice at the base of the pan, this part is actually one of the tastiest elements of the rice. At Arros QD, we even offer socarrat rice separately on our menu. While the paella rice is fluffy in texture and melts in the mouth, there’s a thin, crispy layer which forms at the bottom. This consist of caramelised stock and rice, so it is rich in flavour and texture. Is can be peeled from the bottom of the pan and enjoyed for all its goodness. Only the best restaurants paella London are going to have the passion required to create such delights.


Our individual socarrats are made from stock and bomba rice, the latter of which is a short-grain variety, commonly used in Valencian cuisine. Our menus include socarrat made from seafood stock with rice, shrimp served with saffron alioli, teriyaki chicken and shichimi alioli, and artichokes with coriander alioli.


Come for a Tasting Menu Experience


If you’re looking for Londons top restaurants which offer tasting menu dining to die for, you’re in for a treat. Often viewed as an extravagant dining option, tasting menus showcase the best of the best that a restaurant can deliver. It allows a guest to experience the creativity of our chefs, producing a memorable experience from the first bite to the last. The high skill involved in the execution of our tasting menus is evident in every part of the experience, from the inclusion and serving order of specific dishes to the superb presentations which wow throughout.


We tell a story through the food we serve, connecting to our a la carte menus to give you a taste of the types of flavours and ingredients available in our main menu recipes. We consistently evaluate the offerings on our tasting menu to deliver the best experience possible. The culinary journey we take you on includes everything from smaller plates and skewers to our traditional paella and delicious desserts. We offer this menu for a minimum of two guests, and you can sample the delights on offer at either lunch or dinner.


Join Us for Dinner or Lunch in Fitzrovia


If you’re a top restaurant in London, you need to be in a location which is ideal for a multitude of needs. Quique chose Eastcastle Street in the Fitzrovia neighbourhood in London, identifying it as the perfect location to stroll or travel to from any main London location. Fitzrovia is a diverse area, lined with beautiful buildings and stunning architecture. It’s a location filled with everything from hotels and galleries to bars, eateries, apartments and offices, making it a hive of city life.


We’re in a stone’s throw away from many handy locations, such as Oxford Circus tube, Goodge Street, Leicester Square, Covent Garden and Tottenham Court Road. We’re on the edge of Soho, so those looking for best restaurants Soho are in luck.


We get many diners looking for a pre or post-theatre meal, being in an easy location to reach from many West End productions. Our set lunch menu is a hit with diners, who find value for money offerings from a shorter list of dishes. We’ll provide a selection of smaller dishes to share, and each member of your group can choose a main from our lunch menu. We also have sharing rice and paella to choose from. We’ve established ourselves as the best for lunch in Fitzrovia.


Reasons to Dine at Our Top London restaurant


When looking at what crowns a restaurant the best in London, there’s a lot of elements which go into their success. This includes offering something unique, putting the story behind the brand at the heart of menus and ensuring quality is felt in every part of the guest experience. This includes the staff who greet them at the front of house, the feel of the décor, the cleanliness and style of the bathrooms, as well as the actual food itself.


Here’s why we think Arros QD is one of the top restaurants you’ll come across in London.


Best Paella London


If you’re looking for the best paella London based dishes, look no further. We’ve already shown how our paella is out of this world, but it’s one of the reasons which entices so many visitors to come and dine with us. Rice is something which hasn’t taken its rightful place as a staple of fine dining in the UK, but that’s something we’re aiming to change. We want to impress those who already know a thing or two about paella, transport people to Spain through our flavours and create new fans who haven’t tried this type of rice dish before. Come and be a part of the paella evolution.


Fresh, High-Quality Produce


We want our recipes to exude quality, from the way they’re prepared, cooked and presented to the fine ingredients selected to create them. We source locally so that we can showcase some of the best British produce, putting our Mediterranean twist on everything we touch. We continually review our menus to ensure everything is in-season, maintaining the high quality taste whatever the time of year you visit us.


Impressive Wine Lists & Cocktails


Arros QD doesn’t just excel when it comes to food. Our extensive wines, spirits and cocktails are a joy to behold, enhancing our food as much as the experience. Our wine lists have been put together by experts, paying tribute to regions which are bathed by Mediterranean waters. From the strait of Gibraltar to the Middle East, you’ll find offerings from around the world, as well as iconic winemaking regions. We have sparkling, Jerez, white, rose, red and orange themes on our wine menus, as well as a full list for you to peruse.


Guests also find our cocktail menus incredibly exciting, with categories to entice you, such as Discoveries, Memories, Fizzies and Fruities. The list has been put together to impress mixology fans everywhere, using innovative ingredients such as basil syrup, chocolate bitter,

Greek yoghurt, artichoke syrup, homemade lavender syrup, Crème De Cacao, a vast selection of spirits and much more. Be amazed by the drinks on offer.


A Talented Team


No restaurant could claim to be at the top of its game without a skilled and talented team at its helm. We’re so proud of the Arros QD team and what we’ve achieved, delivering incredible experiences to diners seven days a week. From the front of house staff to our mesmerising chefs at the wood fire stoves, you can see the passion and love our team has for what we do. As Quique Dacosta operates from Spain, we have an excellent UK team, leaving Arros QD in the safest of hands. This includes wine expert Jose Balado, chef Richard De La Cruz and Managing Director Aurelien Pottier. Aurelien has helped to manage a variety of projects all over the world to huge success, including those which have taken him to the US and Middle East.


Exciting Dining Spaces


The reason we’re one of the best restaurants Fitzrovia options is the buzz and excitement created in our restaurant. We’ve shown you how much careful detail has been put into creating an environment which diners love to spend time in, and the stunning spaces add to the visual aspects of the Arros QD experience. We want every one of your senses to feel alive when you’re with us, including how you feel, the taste of the food, the fire before you, the aromas you smell, the sounds of the kitchen and excitement in the room. It’s something which puts us at the top of the London restaurant industry.


Contact Arros QD for All Enquiries & Make a Reservation


Our team would love to hear from you if you have any questions about our range of dining experiences at Arros QD. This includes enquiries about our tasting menus, wine lists, group dining, events, celebrations and any special requirements to make your time with us as enjoyable as it can be. Let us know if there any dietary requirements you need advice on.


To contact Arros QD, we’ve made things as simple for you as possible. You can speak to our team directly by calling +44 (0)20 3883 3525 or just send a message to, and we’ll get back to you shortly. For press and PR enquiries, please contact








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