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The Best London Restaurant – Dine with Us at Arros QD


If you’re searching for the best restaurants London offers, Arros QD is  the ideal choice. We want you to find time away from busy city life to enjoy the delights we offer to diners. From our spectacular interior design to our sizzling paellas, you’ll be transported through a Valencian treasure trove.


Michelin star chef Quique Dacosta has been impressing the Spanish restaurant industry for decades with his innovative take on traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Now, he’s brought his talents to London, launching Arros QD in the heart of Fitzrovia. His unmissable menus include out of this world paellas to share, wood-fired recipes and incredible seafood. Each of our dishes reflects the essence of flavours from the wonderful ingredients used.


Arros QD isn’t just about the food you eat but the experience you’ll have when visiting our restaurant. We want you to take a walk through Spanish culture while delighting in the modernist twists you’ll find throughout our menus. From the people you meet to the atmospheric surroundings centred around our open wood fire stove, we want you to have an unforgettable time.


Join us seven days a week for lunch or dinner. We cater to all groups, including couples, larger tables, corporate lunches, vegan dining and more. You can find us on Eastcastle Street in Fitzrovia, close to key locations such as Soho and Oxford Circus.


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Arros QD – Welcome to the Best Restaurant in Fitzrovia


Having launched in June of 2019, Arros QD is striking a chord with many diners who visit London, hitting the right spot with our incredible food and ambience. We want you to experience the gems of Valencian cuisine while feeling at home in our beautiful restaurant. We’ve thought about every element of the dining experience, from how you should feel when spending time here to the thoughts and feelings you’ll have as you taste our food. We hope that you can feel the influence of our Spanish culture while discovering some new favourites on our menus.


Visit us in Fitzrovia, an area which is known for an eclectic mix of establishments, from retail outlets and businesses to residential properties and eateries. It’s a unique place which is in the heart of London life, uniting people who live and work here – something we aim to achieve when you walk through our doors too. Come and dine with us, whether you’ve been here before, want to try something new or are introducing others to our fine cuisine.


Our Paella – Valencian History in a Pan


For those looking for the best paella London, it’s important to understand the history of the rice and how it has evolved to become one of the world’s most beloved dishes. It’s thought that this type of rice cooking has origins which date back to over 1000 years ago, having started as a simple, hearty dish made from available meats and rice. Of course, with Valencia being a port city, it’s no surprise seafood became a hugely popular addition to the pan, now seen throughout paella menus, including those we produce at Arros QD.


Paella recipes are often mistreated, which is something Quique Dacosta was determined to put right. Having nurtured his passion for rice cooking over several decades, he wanted to build a place where diners could sample some of the best paellas they’ve ever had. It’s about harnessing the strengths of the paella. The rice brings the flavour, but other factors such as the stock and the cooking techniques are all essential to create a dish which is the best of the best.


The tradition of paella is one which has continually evolved, and we want to help this continue. Quique has developed his own style and take on what paella should be, so you’ll find modern twists on the types of paella you’ve experienced before when sampling our menus, while never betraying the amazing history of the dish.


One part of the tradition which hasn’t been overlooked is the sharing aspect of paella. At Arros QD, we bring groups together around a table to indulge in an appreciation for delicious food, so all of our paellas are made for sharing. It’s one of the joys of coming to our restaurant, creating an exciting and enjoyable atmosphere throughout our two-storey establishment.


How the Best Paella Is Created


The secret to the best paella is about respecting the reasons it has become one of the globe’s best-known dishes but also pushing the boundaries when it comes to new and exciting flavours. We want to ensure you get the best restaurants paella London dishes you can find.


One of the secrets is the way it’s cooked, and we understand how the fire is the additional ingredient essential to the mix. Yes, the distribution of heat is something only achieved by the heat of the fire. But the aromas created, the unique smoky flavours and the wood used are things you can’t achieve on a typical stove.


One of the other elements Arros QD has included is the socarrat; a must-have for any die-hard paella lover. As you make your way through the tender and fluffy rice in the stock, you’ll find a crispy base which isn’t to be missed. Dismissed by some as ‘burnt’, this part is actually full of rich flavours, so it’s important to scrape it from the base. So beloved is the socarrat that you can find it sold individually on our menus! Make sure to try one of our varieties when you visit us.


Qualities of the Best Restaurant in London


Top restaurants in London aren’t just about who’s got the most 5-star ratings online or the number of awards won. Diners know for themselves when they visit a restaurant that some just have particular qualities which put them head and shoulders above the rest. Whether you’re looking for the best for lunch in Fitzrovia or you’re planning an enjoyable dinner with friends, colleagues or loved ones, here are some of the top qualities to look out for.


High-Quality Cuisine


The best restaurants will put quality high on the agenda when carefully selecting the ingredients for their dishes. For example, at Arros QD, we use fresh, locally sourced produce wherever we can before sprinkling our Mediterranean magic over the recipe.


Our story speaks for itself, with our chef Quique Dacosta still based in Spain, where he continues to make waves across the food industry.


Our guests feel they’re entering the soul of the restaurant itself when they dine here, from the visuals and aromas created by the fire to the dramatic surroundings and range of food choices. It’s clear we’ve put a lot of thought into the experience you’ll have when visiting us, which is why so many come back time and time again, recognising that quality is something which is consistent throughout our establishment.


A Unique Menu


It’s difficult to stand out in the restaurant scene, but those at the top of their game will offer something different. So often we know what to expect when entering a restaurant before we’ve even seen the available menu choices. At Arros QD, we’ve worked hard to create outstanding food which offers something new to diners, whether you’re delving into the world of Spanish cuisine for the first time or you’re looking for a twist on some of your traditional favourites. It’s no mean feat what we’ve achieved, respecting our culture’s heritage while offering something which feels fresh. Our menus are seasonal, so you’ll find new offerings throughout the year as ingredients come into season.


An Expert Team


At Arros QD, every member of our highly talented team is working towards a shared goal. We wish to bring the delights of Mediterranean food to diners while giving them a unique, memorable experience for all the right reasons. From our chefs and servers to our management and wine experts, we’ve built a team which comes together like ingredients in a recipe, each person having a role to play in Arros QD’s success.


The diner experience has been well-planned by those who you’ll meet, as well as those who work behind the scenes. Our managers ensure there’s a consistent service throughout, our chefs prepare the extraordinary food, our wine experts have put together a drinks list which is going to enhance your experience, and our servers will guide you through your lunch or dinner with ease. They’ll be able to answer any questions you have about our food and can even recommend some of the hidden gems on the menu.


A Beautiful Setting


The setting and ambience experienced in a restaurant will help define whether they’re considered one of the best. Our décor has been designed by one of Spain’s top interior designers, with every element coming together to reflect our story and style. You’ll notice the influence of wood and fire throughout the interiors, from the oranges, golds and black shades to the wood of the tables.


We hope that you find our restaurant welcoming; a place you can feel and home and relax in, while absorbing the sense of excitement around you. We’ve created a true home away from home for Valencia, influenced by happiness, hedonism and sharing.


As well as our menus reflecting past traditions and fresh ideas, so does our setting. Rather than exude an outdated look, it feels contemporary throughout without taking away from its comfort.


Why Visit Our Top London Restaurant?


We welcome people from all over the UK, as well as those who live in London and even visiting international guests. It’s a pleasure for us to see such a variety of people enjoy Arros QD’s offerings, which is the essence of what we wanted to achieve – bringing people together and uniting them over our food.


Here are just a few of the reasons you may like to visit us.




We love catering for celebrations, whether you’ve chosen Arros QD for a birthday dinner or you’ve had some news to raise a glass to. Our exciting atmosphere, the buzz in the room and our sharing food make us the ideal choice for your celebratory lunch or dinner. If catering for larger parties, we even have group dining menus you can choose from to make the meal as smooth as possible. Just get in touch with our team, and we can work with you to ensure everything is in place for you when you arrive. We also have select menus for different festivals or celebrations in the year, including New Year’s Eve dining.


Romantic Dinners


While we love seeing groups enjoying our restaurant, it’s also perfect if you’re hoping for an intimate dinner for two. Whether you’re looking for something a little different with our open kitchen or a more classical dining experience, we can help. Our paellas and lunch menus are also ideal for two people – you don’t have to be a large group to enjoy.

Fun Nights Out


If you’re looking for the ideal place for dinner with friends, Arros QD is a really enjoyable place to dine. Our restaurant has two storeys, giving you more options, depending on the experience you want. Our ground floor is in the heart of the action, where our chefs cook over the wood fire stove. Upstairs provides a more traditional dining experience for guests, creating a space away from the excitement of downstairs. Speak to our team about any requirements or preferences you have. We even have guests book with us who have been looking for the best restaurants Soho. We have an extensive drinks menu, including delicious cocktails for every taste.


Pre & Post Theatre Dining


Our location means we’re ideal if you’re looking for post or pre-theatre dining. Based on Eastcastle Street, we’re a short walk away from main underground lines such as Oxford Circus or Tottenham Court Road, so if you’d like to book with us before or after your show, our prime location will serve you well. We have a set lunch menu which you can choose if you would prefer, for a minimum of two people. This includes starters to share (Entradas) and mains (Principales).

Corporate Lunches


Our impressive surroundings and first-class menus see corporate clients visit Arros QD. Whether it’s a meal with colleagues or you’re looking to impress clients, Arros QD offers something different when it comes to corporate dining. Again, our set lunch menus are a hit if you’re looking for value for money from a smaller list of options. We have expertly crafted wine lists with bottles from a variety of places around the world, chosen to pair with dishes and impress wine drinkers. We include famous winemakers and newer offerings, but the Mediterranean influence is plain to see. This means each choice enhances the food you’ve chosen as much as possible.


Vegetarian & Vegan Dining


While you may assume our menu is mainly for meat and fish eaters, we have a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options too, which are all as equally as delicious. This includes our small plates, starters, skewers and mains. Not wanting you to miss out on the rice dishes we’re known for, we offer vegetable paella with seasonal ingredients and traditional or coriander aioli. All of our side dishes are vegetarian, including seasonal wild mushrooms and vegetables, cauliflower (grilled), baby gem lettuce (grilled) and roast potatoes. Our desserts are largely vegetarian too, from our cheesecake or mango ice cream to our giant cookie, coconut ice cream or pistachio sponge.


We can also cater for gluten-free diets with a huge selection available throughout our different menus and food lists. Let us know if you have any dietary requirements and our expert staff can assist.


Tasting Menus


As well as our a la carte and lunch menus, we also know how enticing tasting menus can be, so we’ve created one which is sure to impress. This leads you through some of our gastronomical delights, as well as smaller bites which give you a taste of some of the flavours we hold dear at Arros QD. From the order in which they are served to the delicate finishing touches, you’ll be astounded by our tasting menu. We’ve even managed to include some of our rice cooking highlights, paella and tasty desserts to offer a culinary experience you’ll never forget. For this reason, we’re one of the best restaurants Fitzrovia has to offer.


Contact Arros QD for All Enquiries & Make a Reservation


We encourage you to get in touch with our delightful team if you have any enquiries or would like to ask anything about our dining experiences. We’ll assist you as much as possible, whether you’re looking for private dining options, group menus or have specific requirements for your trip to our restaurant.


To contact the Arros QD team, choose from the following options. Call us directly on +44 (0)20 3883 3525 or email, and we’ll reply as soon as we can. For all press and PR enquiries, contact



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